“CryptoGrow believes in empowering at-home growers with beautifully designed physical products with easy-to-use technology.” – Forbes, 2022
“CryptoGrow believes in empowering at-home growers with beautifully designed physical products with easy-to-use technology.” – Forbes, 2022

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The CryptoGrow Burn NFT is the genesis token that provides full access to the CryptoGrow ecosystem.

With your mint, you will receive:

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Four years ago, in hazy Humboldt County, a creative spark ignited a vision to build a better way to grow our favorite plant.


Through our revolutionary genesis product, the CryptoGrow, we are seamlessly bringing these two industries together for the first time.

We're fusing Cannabis and Crypto, and building a community of believers…

We’re building the WORLD’S

Let’s grow together!


The CryptoGrow

Our genesis product. The first in a line of revolutionary, game-changing tech – the CryptoGrow.

Using cutting-edge technology and the world’s best engineers and software developers, we created a machine that allows anyone to easily grow premium cannabis in their home, while showcasing their favorite strain in a sculptural, transparent display. Simply controlled via a mobile app.


CryptoGrow NFT bridging the gap between the meta and physical worlds, we’ve developed an NFT that not only allows you to purchase the first edition CryptoGrow, but also pays you crypto as you grow-to-earn and hit milestones in your grow.

For more information, check out our whitepaper

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Tradition meets tech.

Odor control

Cannabis has a distinctive smell. Advanced odor control and carbon filtering help minimize that aroma.

Energy-efficient heating

Recycled heat brings efficient temperature control to keep your plant jiving.

Wireless control

Enjoy full-system control via the app with a wireless connection.

Form meets function.

360 viewing

Showcase every detail of your plant with complete 360-degree viewing. 

Fresh air 24/7

Full chamber airflow keeps your ganja breathing freely both day and night.

Ideal temperature and humidity

Temperature and humidity sensors lock in the optimal conditions for rapid growth.

Power meets potential.

Powerful LEDs

Plants thrive on sunlight. Or in this case, powerful, full spectrum LEDs.

Diffused light

Custom tech diffuses light perfectly throughout the growing chamber, keeping your marijuana healthy and well-lit.

Mood lighting

Warm LEDs bring relaxed mood lighting to your living room.

Efficiency meets ease.

Easy refill

A wide reservoir spout makes it easy to pour in water or nutrients.

Enhanced watering

A custom water halo provides optimal watering to every inch of your plant.

Real-time data, real-time care

Based on precise soil moisture readings, the system provides the exact amount of water required. No more, no less.

Style meets synergy.

No-hassle growth

The pressure is off. Automatic watering means you’ll never have to do it manually.

Never run low

Automatically monitor the water tank level via app notifications.

All-in-one system

Everything you need for continuous premium growth. All right here.

Earn crypto to grow


Phase 1

NFT Launch

Phase 2

Grow Community

Phase 3

Product Delivery

Phase 4

Decentralize Growing 

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Our seamlessly integrated mobile app optimizes and regulates growing conditions to ensure you reap the most flower from every grow – saving you money, headaches, and precious time you could be spending doing more important things. Like getting stoned and watching nature documentaries on your couch.

Just add soil, water and your seeds, and start growing with the touch of a button.

Curated growth 

Monitor your cannabis in each stage of growth. Adjust controls with the click of a button.

Instant updates 

Notifications alert you when your plant reaches a new stage, and when it’s time to harvest.

Data central

Tightly regulated environmental controls adapt as your plant matures, and the numbers are right there in front of you.

Grow university 

All the knowledge you need to become a master grower lives here.

Stay in the know

Get need-to-know information as you follow your marijuana’s progress from seed to flower.

Informed homegrow

Dive into your reefer’s care with graphs, calendars, and more.


Get High on your own supply


Jesse Croteau

Founder | Inventor

Founder, creator, visionary inventor of the GrowOp and CryptoGrow. When engineers get stoned, great products are born. Jesse leads the team from its hazy inception in Humboldt with clear vision into the future.

Favorite Strain: Girl Scout Cookies


Chris Ward

Marketing | Community

Chris has spent his professional career creating online sales funnels, managing social platforms, and building engaged communities. He makes sure we collect enough eth to build weed machines.

Favorite Strain: Durban Poison


James Yau


He is the CEO of JYCO Holdings, co-founder of Riper.io. JYCO Holdings has consulted on over 200 commercial farms in Asia, managing assets worth half a billion that represent the trade of more than 65 thousands tons of perishable products every year. Our big bro knows how to grow.

Favorite Strain: Caviar and LoDream

Craig Hoffart (2)

Craig Hoffart

Operations | Manufacturing

Over nearly 30 years, Craig has successfully grown and supported hundreds of manufactured products from new product introduction to full-scale-market integration. Craig makes sure we can easily grow weed in our living rooms.

Favorite Strain: Sour Diesel

Craig Hoffart (2)

Hugo Fournier


Art direction // 3D Artist. Based in Paris.

Favorite Strain: Purple Haze

Kendall Toerner


Kendall is the co-founder and Director of Industrial Designer at Offset. Defined by curiosity, Kendall designs first through principles, creating without assuming, and cross pollinating ideas.

Favorite Strain: Cookies



Advising and investing in the next wave of innovative brands. Eat, breathe and sleep web3. We believe in fostering a future of decentralization and empowering creators.


Partner | Futureproof

After a losing stint with crypto in 2017, tropoFarmer returned to the scene in early 2021 and immediately dove headfirst into NFTs (with much more successful results). He has since become one of the most well-known influencers/shitposters in the space, now offering his valuable insights to help others succeed.

Favorite Strain: Royal Cookies

Hunter Orrell

Partner | Futureproof

Hunter is a web3 investor and advisor who has worked with some of the largest projects and companies in the space.

Favorite Strain: Lemon Haze


Growth Advisor

Professional people connector. 10+ years operationally scaling tech startups. Making sure CryptoGrow…grows.

Favorite Strain: Jack Herer


Ben Jammin

web3 Advisor

Ben Jammin has been in crypto since 2016 and NFTs since 2017. He has experience with web design, data analysis and product management. He’s successfully helped over 10 NFT projects launch and currently works as a Web 3 advisor and NFT Trader.

Favorite Strain: Super Silver Haze


Cannabis | web3 Advisor

cozywyatt is born and raised on the West Coast of Canada, an area famously known for its cannabis production and quality. Wyatt has years of experience in all things cannabis from seed to sale while specializing in cultivation.

Over the last year cozy has had success in NFT’s, sharing his trades on Twitter and becoming a well-known voice in the space.


Market Strategy | Growth

TailorMint is a strategic advising firm that exclusively supports teams with built products and charitable ambitions. Based in Washington, DC, we connect innovative teams to top talent and help build a sustainable business plan for your company.

Favorite Strain: Island PK



Director of Vibes

Just a mfer in a world of cartoon and pixelated jpegs. Known for spaces and thinking I’m funny. Resident Boomer. Daddy issues.

Favorite Strain: Girl Scout Cookies


Nifty Kit

NFT Smart Contract

Dan, Tpae and Loftxn founded NiftyKit in November 2020 – after diving head first into blockchain apps back in 2018. Our team is extremely passionate about the future of web3, NFTs, and decentralization. We have experience working with some of the biggest tech companies in the world (ie. Netflix, Facebook, Tesla) and have been working together for over a decade building innovative products that push the boundaries of technology.


Josh Wagner

Web3 Strategist

Wags has helped brands in both traditional and digital spaces to reach new heights, and is fluent in all-things tokens, NFTs and Web3.

Favorite Strain: Pineapple Express



Community Manager | Grow Queen

Cannabis enthusiast, advocate, home grower and full time medical cannabis industry worker. Vibing with the community who all share the same love & passion for our favorite plant.

Favorite Strain: Gelato


Josh White


A California based creative. Cannabis and web3 community builder. He can always be found on Twitter spaces ensuring you have a smoke buddy.

Favorite Strain: GG


Grant Franklin

web3 | PR Strategist

Goody joined the app boom in Silicon Valley as his first foray into the tech space as a startup founder. After working for several startups, both product and applications, Grant escaped to the mountains to reconnect with nature for a time. He dove into NFTs early 2021 applying his skills to web3. Since then, he has projects launched, contracts developed, and become an accomplished storyteller for others in web3

Favorite Strain: Super Lemon Haze

Jonathan Dunsmoor


Jonathan is a securities lawyer who practices in blockchain and cryptocurrency law since late 2016. His role and responsibility is to keep all clients from ending up in criminal or civil trouble.

Favorite Strain: U.S. Constitution


Oliver Permut

Oliver handles all aspects of brand strategy, marketing and advertising across the entertainment, hospitality, and wellness spaces – with specific expertise in Web3. He prefers an indica dominant hybrid when seeking a little inspiration.

Favorite Strain: Gorilla Glue

Grow. Decentralize. Earn.